Candles are an essential and important part of our everyday life. Candles in majick are a means of holding our focus and intent.

Charging Candles

Charging your candle is like programming your desire or intent into a candle. To charge a candle, rub scented oil on it. Hold the candle in your power hand (your dominant hand) and visualize what you want it to do. If you wish, you can carve your desire, such as a name or an object or a dollar sign, into the candle. Speak an affirmation (if oil is used to anoint candle speak affirmation 3 times - if NO oil is used speak affirmation 21 times) and your candle is charged.

Black Candles
protection, repelling negativity, binding, removing all blocks and obstacles, adversity, shield from the evil eye, return energy to sender, destroy bad habits, use this candle sparingly and lite a white candle to bring balance to you magical workings

Blue Candles
spiritualism, creativity, truth, health, healing, wisdom, inspiration, loyalty, immortality, devotion, fidelity, patience, honesty, peace, protect one's reputation, peace, meditation, honoring the moon

Brown Candles
friendship, balance, concentration, indecision, telepathic power, study, intuitive, communication, find a house that is right for you

Copper Candles
passion, money goals, growth

Gold Candles
wealth, winning,happiness

Green Candles
healing, prosperity, monetary success, growth, personal goals, abundance, cooperation, generosity, fertility, success, luck, ambition, greed, new beginnings, for financial gains use with a silver and gold

Lavender Candles
peace, serenity, dreaming magic, invoke Spirit when in process of charitable works

Magenta Candles
to bring to quick fruition

Orange Candles
business goals, property, ambition, career goals, legal matters, quick cash, joy, enthusiasm, attraction, stimulation, healing, self-control, intellect, organization

Pink Candles
romantic love, romance, caring, nurturing, affection, honor, spiritual awakening, leadership, femininity

Purple Candles
psychic ability, secrets, wisdom, power, dignity, independence, pride, honors, protection, to draw business success

Red Candles
energy, strength, passion, courage, career goals, lust, love, sex, life, will power, magnetism

Silver Candles
telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition, dreams

Violet Candles
Intelligence, anything to do with government, truth, justice, humility, forgiveness

White Candles
protection, spirituality, peace, higher self, purity, truth, sincerity, wholeness, expansion, outgoing, cleansing, respect, innocence, prophesy, to symbolize a person, place, or thing (can be used to substitute for other candle colors)

Yellow Candles
learning, memory, breaking mental blocks, communication, unity, universal love, action, invoke spirits, concentration, inspiration, healing, to bring quick/swift positive changes